Male Beauty in Art

Appreciation of the beauty of the male form in different art forms from various periods in human history. I own none of these works of art; all are found around the web. Run by: romuvulcan and mariaborgart.


Nathaniel Jocelyn, Joseph Cinqué (1840)

Sengbe Pieh (c.1814 – c.1879), later known as Joseph Cinqué, was a West African man of the Mende people and was the most prominent defendant in the case United States v. The Amistad, in which it was found that he and 51 others had been victims of the illegal Atlantic slave trade.

Nathaniel Jocelyn painted portraits of Joseph Cinqué and of the abolitionist William Lloyd GarrisonHe went on to found the National Bank Note Engraving Company. After Trumbull, he is represented by more portraits in the Yale collection than any other artist. In 1827 he was elected into the National Academy of Design as an Associate member, and became a full Academician in 1946.


Friedrich Overbeck

Self-Portrait (1819)


A collection of sketches by Joseph Stalin


Józef Kossakowski by Kazimierz Wojniakowski, 1794


Jusepe de Ribera

Saint Sebastian Tended by Saint Irene (c. 1621)

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Spain


French School, Male Nude, 18th century

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Tommies Bathing I and II, John Singer Sargent, 1918.



Rex Whistler 1940 self portrait (by mpt.1607)

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Francisco Pacheco

Saint Michael the Archangel (c. 1617)

Museum of Fine Arts, Santander, Spain


Attributed to Diego Velázquez

Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness (1618-25)

Art Institute of Chicago