Male Beauty in Art

Male Beauty in Art; Appreciation of the beauty of the male sex in different art forms from various periods in human history. I own none of these works of art; all are found around the web. Run by: randaroyce, iljunfantroza and mariaborgart.



by Paul Cadmus

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Esquisses du désir, 10th april
2014 / marker on paper
by Olivier Flandrois 


La passion, 10th april
2014 / marker on paper
by Olivier Flandrois + The daily drawing project


Caitlyn Rooke did an awesome portrait of me in oils on board!

Check out her stuff here: !!



Oil and pencil on canvas

h. 7. 87 / w. 11.81 in

 “Sleeping nude”,


mixed media on cardboard

h. 9. 84 / 13. 78 in


20min lifedraw from yesterday. I’m so busy with stuff that I can’t upload right now 


Torso. Male Nude Study. 1789. Jacques Reattu. French 1760-1833. oil/canvas.


Saint Sebastian — late 15th century, possibly from Tyrol, Austria.

I ran into this st. sebastian today at the met. isn’t he delightful? look at those rosy cheeks! look at his curls!! I do wish he still had his arrows, but he’s really great even without them. 

(via fuckyeahstsebastian)