Male Beauty in Art

Male Beauty in Art; Appreciation of the beauty of the male sex in different art forms from various periods in human history. I own none of these works of art; all are found around the web. Run by: randaroyce, iljunfantroza and mariaborgart.



2014. 120 x 80 cm. Oil on canvas


Ira Frederick Aldridge by James Northcote, 1826

"Aldridge was born in New York and educated at the New York African Free School, where he began to develop an interest in theatre. He came to Britain in 1824, and first appeared on the London stage in 1825 playing the role of Prince Oroonoko of Africa in the melodrama The Revolt of Surinam, or A Slave’s Revenge. In 1833, he made his West End debut playing Othello. Audiences were positive but reviewers found the idea of a black actor shocking and the play was soon cancelled. Aldridge was better received elsewhere and made several successful European tours, becoming one of the highest paid actors in the world. His subsequent reputation led to a triumphant return to the London stage in 1855. He died on tour in Poland.”

On display at the National Portrait Gallery, London


Männerakt von Julius Paul Junghans (1876-1958)

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Daniel Barkley - Pink sofa

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Attributed to Gustave Courtois (French, 1853-1923), Presumed self-portrait in red scarf. Oil on canvas, 55 x 46 cm.

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Thomas Eakins, The Wrestlers / Anthony Cudahy, After Eakins

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Charles W. Hawthorne -The Fisher Boy (1908)

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Man With Curly Hair.

Watercolour on Paper.

Jordan Peers.

Portrait of actor Ben Schnetzer as Max Vandenburg in “The Book Thief”, painted by Dory Ann.