Male Beauty in Art

Male Beauty in Art; Appreciation of the beauty of the male sex in different art forms from various periods in human history. I own none of these works of art; all are found around the web. Run by: randaroyce, iljunfantroza and mariaborgart.



Männerakt von Julius Paul Junghans (1876-1958)

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Daniel Barkley - Pink sofa

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Attributed to Gustave Courtois (French, 1853-1923), Presumed self-portrait in red scarf. Oil on canvas, 55 x 46 cm.

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Thomas Eakins, The Wrestlers / Anthony Cudahy, After Eakins

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Charles W. Hawthorne -The Fisher Boy (1908)

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Man With Curly Hair.

Watercolour on Paper.

Jordan Peers.

Portrait of actor Ben Schnetzer as Max Vandenburg in “The Book Thief”, painted by Dory Ann.


Barbu in the metro, 15th april
by Olivier Flandrois + The daily drawing project


Contemporary Art Week!

Kehinde Wiley

Los Angeles native and New York-based visual artist Kehinde Wiley has firmly situated himself within art history’s portrait painting tradition. As a contemporary descendent of a long line of portraitists—including Reynolds, Gainsborough, Titian, Ingres, and others—Wiley engages the signs and visual rhetoric of the heroic, powerful, majestic, and sublime in his representation of urban black and brown men found throughout the world.

By applying the visual vocabulary and conventions of glorification, wealth, prestige, and history to subject matter drawn from the urban fabric, Wiley makes his subjects and their stylistic references juxtaposed inversions of each other, forcing ambiguity and provocative perplexity to pervade his imagery. Wiley’s larger-than-life figures disturb and interrupt tropes of portrait painting, often blurring the boundaries between traditional and contemporary modes of representation and the critical portrayal of masculinity and physicality as it pertains to the view of black and brown young men.

1. Down With a Bullet, 2011., 2. Femme Piquee par un Serpent, 2008, oil on canvas. 3. Matador, 2009. Oil on paper 57.5” x 134.5”., 4. Sleep, 2008. Oil on canvas 132” x 300”.

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